Controversial entertainer, Charlie Boy, has called on Nigerian youths to explore their abilities and strive to be self dependent.
Charlie Boy in a recent interview in Abuja stated that after 55 years of independence, Nigeria as a nation is still economically and politically dependent, and this is reflecting in the youth’s attitude to life.
“It is now 55 years since we gained independence as a nation. My serious concern is the youth who are said to be the future leaders. They are yet to see life with the attitude of true independence.
“They still look on government, their parents and Nigeria for everything and the change they so much desire cannot come that way. Why can’t they look inward, take their future in their hands through hard work and personal development?” he asked.
The ‘Area Fada’, as he is fondly called by young people, recounted his experience as someone who worked independently to attain stardom and relevance and urged youths to be self-sustaining.
“My advice for every Nigerian youth is to imbibe the ‘Charlie Boy philosophy’ of self dependence. It is therapeutic for me to share a little bit of my experience, not just as Charlie Boy, but as a friend, a big brother and a mentor. It was a very bumpy ride to my present location and the success attained so far.
“Many people think that as a son of a former justice, I did not struggle for myself, but it is not true. The only thing my father gave me was good education.’’
He explained that at a point his father almost abandoned him because of his ideals and that made him to start fending for himself very early.
He further stated that, “every Nigerian youth can change for the better, by taking responsibility for their lives instead of looking up to government and parents for everything.”
He said government alone would not be able to create jobs and urged youths to discover and develop their talents.

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