German based Nigerian musician, Che has made his debut into the Nigerian music industry with a new single titled, “Music Make Me High”.
The single is a combination of is a combination of jazz, country, soul and folk forming a sound that is peculiar only to the artist. His music conveys a strong message that would initiate a paradigm shift in the way music is perceived in Nigeria and consequently, add to the genres legging Nigeria’s music landscape.
In a chat with Nigerian Pilot, the singer who is also a poet amongst many others said his music cuts across borders and he gets inspiration from interaction with life.
“I find trouble placing my music into a category as my music is not bound by rules but rather an expression of my feelings as they occur…in their raw form’ he says of his music type. My music is drawn from deep but daily interaction with life that sometimes go unnoticed, a deliberate connect with the recesses of his soul.
The title, ‘Music Makes Me High’ depicts his liberation from the dark patch he endured, when the world turned its back on him because the world could not understand him, it was music alone that remained loyal and true.
The choice of this single for the launch of his music effort, he states, is borne out of his deep concern about the rapid urge of individuals in contemporary times to get high on all sort of substances, but he stresses that a re-orientation using music will redirect/focus on productive ways of getting high on things that are enduring like Music, Love and Justice, with the hope that it would chart a new course in reshaping our society.
According to Che, he uses music as an instrument for the re-awakening the consciousness of the of Nigerians on the need to embrace themselves and resurrect our forgotten values and dispel the foreign norms that have polluted our invaluable ideals.
The singer’s album will be hitting the market soon.

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