As part of efforts to engage with the critical segment of its consumers as well as support youth development initiatives, the management of Chi Limited recently partnered with King Jaja Hall of Residence in the University of Lagos to celebrate its Hall week.
This partnership is coming just few weeks after the company’s support for University of Lagos Marine football club and the Lagos State Principal’s Cup, which is renowned to be one of the biggest grassroot football competitions in Nigeria.
Commissioned in 1974, King Jaja hall is the most famous and prestigious hall of the University and is home to over 1000 students.
Its hall week activities are annual events that round up the session, easing off academic stress and giving opportunities to hall residents to showcase their talents and socialize with one another through various extra curricular activities.
Chi Limited, through this partnership, seeks to bring the brand truth of Chivita 100% to life.
The brand successfully achieved this through direct interaction with the students who arefull of vitality and are largely health conscious.
They were excited that the brand is made from 100% pure fruit juice which contains No Added Sugar, No Preservativeand No Added Colours. As an undisputed market leader and consumer-driven companynoted for high quality and innovative product offerings that excite and exceed consumers’ expectations, Chi Limited desires to make positive contributions tothe lives of consumers Chairman, King Jaja Hall, Taiwo Ibrahim Abiola, thanked the management of Chi Limited for coming on board to add excitement to this year’s hall week.
“For a company with a reputation for supporting youth development initiatives across Nigeria, the partnership with King Jaja Hall by Chi Limited to celebrate our week long activities comes as no surprise. Chivita 100% fruit juice is already hugely popular amongst the youths on this campus because it is a 100% fruit juice and contains No Added Sugar, No Preservative and No Added Colours. It is also refreshing, nourishing, and in affordable packs,” he said.
According to Chi Limited’s Managing Director, Deepanjan Roy, “Our youths are key to ourfuture and we need to do everything we can to help themachieve their full potential so that they in turn can do their own bit to helpshape and share in our future success.
“For us at Chi Limited, we shall continueto offer the best there is in fruit juices, dairy products and snacks for theirwellbeing whilst supporting positive initiatives to ensure an all-rounddevelopment for the youths”.