A don, Prof. Saleh Dauda, says he supports the idea being canvassed that the Federal Government should swap detained Boko Haram insurgents with abducted Chibok School Girls.

Dauda, of the Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of Abuja, Dauda, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Thursday.

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According to him, the idea is a welcome development, if it will guarantee the release of the girls.

He spoke in reaction to reports that the ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ campaigners were denied access to the Presidential Villa by security operatives on Tuesday.

According to him, the blockage of the campaigners is a violation of freedom of association and protest enshrined in any democratic government.

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He, however, commended the campaigners for their steadfastness in keeping hope alive and putting the government on its toes to ensure that the abducted school girls were rescued.

“The ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ campaign cannot be a scam at this time because the parents of the girls have been identified.

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“There are evidences that these girls were abducted by insurgents for about two years now and it cannot be a scam.

“We should not trivialize the serious issue by calling it a scam,” he said.

  • Mansur Kurugu

    I am totally Disappointed Mr. Enyigwe for this your cheap blackmail on the Man that Nigerians trust his sincerity.
    Governor Kwankwaso is not such greed to acquire portion that belongs to even descent person or group talkless of political dogs like you who clearly work for the rulling party.
    You should remain focus in developing your Organisation rather than joining the FG in false accusations as usual.
    I will advise u to clearly define what you are into; politics or something else, if its a politics, please do it like a gentle man.

    • Adamu

      Did you read the article at all? And now who are you in the case to discount one and uphold the other? Even the closest person to the governor refused to say something until Kwankwaso say it so why not wait and hear the side of the governor first before you conclude so that your conclusion will not be biased? It is sycophants like you who are carrying this country backwards! Since you do not have monopoly of knowledge of Kwankwaso I will rather tell you that he is more likely to be guilty as stated than not.

      • Mansur Kurugu

        With due respect Mr. Adamu, I did strongly striked Mr. Enyigwe because he dragged politics into the whole matter.
        I might have not bothered if he said his allegation on personal basis but i wish we will for once analyse borh the Article and my response with an open mind.
        For describing me as Sycopant, i take no offence, you are a Human being that can lose his temper.