FORMER Chief Accountant with
the Kogi State Ministry of Budget
and Planning, Ekele Sunday Okeme,
who was dismissed 11 years ago, has
petitioned the House of Assembly
over alleged illegal termination of his
appointment by the administration
of Alhaji Ibrahim Idris.
In his petition to the House dated
November 4 and entitled ‘Save my
Soul, it said the immediate past
administration in 2006 terminated
his appointment for allegedly
campaigning for late Prince
Abubakah Audu.
“On October 26, 2006, I was
served two queries in a day (absence
from duty and divulging of official
“Little did I know that these
queries were a disguise to give a dog
a bad name to hang it. The motive
was that I campaigned for Audu
which I did not.
“I made frantic efforts to make
the administration understand
but all proved abortive. After I
answered these queries, I appeared
before the senior Staff Management
Committee, SMC, of the Ministry
of Budget and Planning instead of
the accountant-general’s office”, he
He said thereafter, “My
appointment was terminated. The
termination lacked fair hearing as
I did not appear before my office. I
made complaints to the Kogi State
Civil Service Commission.”
He added that the commission
advised the state government to
reinstate him, but it was ignored,
stressing that even his monarch,
Alhaji Ademu Abuh Ejeh of
Olamaboro Local Government and
Obaje Otalu of Atavaka saw reasons
with him and made appeals to the
then governor for his reinstatement,
but all fell on deaf ears.

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