It is the prerogative of President Buhari to assign any ministerial position of his choice to anybody he deems fit to occupy that space. So, I believe that the ministers have the pedigree to deliver in those various ministries as far as they use professionals.
Coming to Buhari’s stake as the Petroleum Minister, I still believe there is nothing in that because it will enable him to see things work in the normal way in spite of the fact that he had been in the petroleum circle.
However, Nigerians should give them chance for at least a year in order to appraise their respective performances. Also, Buhari should be given free hands to equally assess those he entrusted the economy of the country to while it behoves on us to watch and observe.
Okelo Mmakaife (Publicity Secretary, APC, Anambra state)
The ministerial positions assigned to these people are okay. They are round pegs in round holes because the positions were already pre-empted to know who to give what.
And for President Buhari to be in charge of the petroleum sector is one of the best things that has happened. We also appreciate the opportunity given to our illustrious son of Igboland, Senator Chris Ngige. whom we strongly have confidence that he will deliver in that field.

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