In a bathroom, the predator has placed a child on the counter to photograph his evil acts.

In the background of the photo, which was posted online, are products including prescription medication.
But zooming in on that pill bottle makes the details unreadable.
In a small, dark lab Jim Cole, special agent and supervisor of Victim Identification at the Homeland Security Investigations Cyber Crimes Center gets to work using the latest technology available.

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Using technology to identify abusers
“Utilizing some technology that hadn’t even been released to the public yet we were able to take a look at the bottle and reverse out some of the motion blur,” Cole said.
They can now see the offender’s first name “Stephen,” the first two letters of the last name and the first three digits on the prescription order.
With that he applies to the pharmacy for the customer details of every person who fits that criteria. It narrows the list down to a man named “Stephen Keating.”
But that’s not all. The offender’s fingers are also in the picture and incredibly this crack team manages to pull the fingerprints from the image.
“That was the first time we were able to do that,” Cole said.
The evidence was strong enough to put Stephen Keating behind bars for 110 years. Investigators rescued his 14 victims

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Source: cnn