Death toll from the raging cholera outbreak in Ebonyi State has risen to 25 while 256 others have been hospitalised.
The casualty figure rose to 25 from the earlier 20 following the death of five more persons from the scourge.
The State Director of Public Health and Disease Control, Ministry of Heath, Abakaliki, Dr. Christian Achi, disclosed this to newsmen yesterday.
He said 256 persons have been affected by the epidemic and are hospitalised in various hospitals across the state since the outbreak of the disease in February this year. He said the disease has spread to seven of the 13 local government areas in the state.
Achie traced the Cholera outbreak to Amachi community in Abakaliki Local Government Area where the first case was recorded.
According to him, 22 persons who died as a result of the disease, resorted to self-medication and warned the residents against such practices.
“They were treating themselves and they died as a result of that even when they ran to hospitals when they were in critical conditions,” he said.
Achi further explained that the latest casualties were recorded in Oriuzor Ezza North Local Government Area and Umuogudu Akpu and Umuogudu Oshia in Ohaukwu Local Government Area.
Meanwhile, a team of medical experts from the Federal Ministry of Health, Abuja sent to the state to help control the epidemic has left the state.
The team arrived in Ebonyi on April 22nd and left two days.
Achi said that the team came with medicines for the control of the disease.

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    Very many assumatic bullshit. Perhaps Frisky Larr will need another book to dispel the nonsense this reviewer is writing. How can any reasonable person claim that “science is built on unsure metaphysical foundation” if not for a stupid person who is overreaching his personal capacity? Stephen Hawking is not atheist. He is only not a committed Christian. An atheist does not believe there is God. Stephen Hawking does not believe God is behind creation. These are two different issues,.Someone should tell this Agada to go and get a life and wake up from his slumber.

    • Ada Agada

      Mr Larr, read my response to the first comment.

      • Eurofighter

        Mr. Agada, My name is Jacob Orugboh if you need to know. Thanks.

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    I have read “Africa’a Diabolical Entrapment”. From all I have read about the author, the man is not an atheist. He seems to believe in God but is more neutral towards religion. The writer of this review is clearly a committed Christian. How can such a person write an objective review? He does not even say anything about how churches are exploiting poor people to make pastors rich people. He is painting a picture as if the author of the book is criticising people’s faith. The author is criticising blind faith in preachers and pastors and not faith in God. This Ada Agada thinks the book is not scholarly and scientifically balanced perhaps because there are no quotations from the bible in the book. That is what happens when someone who does not know science tries to pretend to know what he doesn’t know and comment on science. Very foolish review. He is talking of apostrophes as if apostrophes did not exist before Facebook and Twitter. This is a very childish guy. Who will take him seriously when he is calling himself a philosopher? Is this a dreamer or a reviewer?

    • Ada Agada

      Read my review again. I paid attention to the excesses of exploitative churches.If science does not ultimately rest on a metaphysical foundation why is it probabilistic? I do not have to be a scientist to appreciate basic philosophy of science. Be civil even if you are Mr Frisky Larr or his close friend. The culture of criticism is important. My review is fair. I praised where praise was deserved and was critical where criticism was necessary. To shower abuse on me here is to mock the v
      ery demand of the book for critical thinking. That I am a religious person does not mean I am not objective. I sincerely urge the author to seriously consider my criticism with a second edition of his work in mind. I will not insult anyone. Butif the author thinks he has written a masterpiece, very well. Intelligent people will evaluate the book only on its own merit, including its research quality.

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        As for me not being taken seriously as a philosopher by anyone, we will see in the fullness of time. Just watch out.