N O N – G O V E R N M E N TA L
Organisation, NGO, Society for
Christian Welfare, in conjunction
with P5 Network has undertaken
a series of vacation tour to
important sites in Jerusalem,
Israel, and other cities of the
Members on their return to
Nigeria earlier in the week
described the tour as a life time
experience, being their first time
of visiting the holy land. Many
said they had a relishing spiritual
encounter through intercessory
prayers conducted by different
church leaders at the historic sites
recorded in the Bible.
Pastor Lucky Ejemuteya, one of
the beneficiaries, applauded the
organisation. “I feel delighted
that the organisation facilitated
my journey to Israel, I needed to
visit Israel so that I can teach and
impact on others. It has been my
long term desire.”
Speaking with journalists at
a brief ceremony, the Executive
Director of the organisation, Mr.
Michael Ekanem, said the essence
of the tour was to make it less
expensive for Christians who
have the desire to visit Israel.
“The cardinal objective of
the faith-based organisation is
to cater for the wellbeing of the
needy. Our activities are geared
toward fostering the promotion
of Christian unity, while also
supporting less privileged
members and non-members in
diverse areas.’’
He noted that the tour is being
arranged in batches, disclosing
that the next batch would leave
for the Holy Land soon.

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