The life of Mr. Augustine Chibeze Chukwukelu is in danger. Augustine is 42 years old and suffering from chronic multiple kidney failure. Doctors say urgent kidney transplant is needed if he must live a normal life again. This transplant can only be done in India.
Should Governor Willie Obiano’s government intervene as usual in cases in the recent past, Augustine will survive and all hope is not lost to this cry for help.
And to have the kidney transplant in an Indian hospital will cost about N10, 000, 000 (Ten million Naira). The cost includes cost of donor, surgery, drugs, airfare for the patient and others, accommodation for the duration of stay in India and other miscellaneous expenditure. Vivian says this amount is too much for them to afford and worst still, they don’t have a kidney donor.
His wife, Mrs. Vivian Chukwukelu, said her husband lives on borrowed time as he requires urgent kidney transplant the cost of which her family cannot afford.
Vivian pleads with Nigerians: “Please don’t let my husband die. My baby is just a year old and too young to know his father. My marriage is only two years. I am too young to be a widow. Please help me” she cries.
According to her, they got married two years ago and have a year old son. Just when their young marriage was about to blossom, her husband was diagnosed of chronic kidney failure on August 16, 2014.
“His two kidneys are bad. His incessant vomiting, diarrhoea and tremour with very high body temperature was a challenge for us to manage. We were referred to start dialysis which we did and have continued to do up to date. But recently he started collapsing during the dialysis sessions and he loses consciousness for many hours. After all these the relieving effect hardly lasts two days before he starts swelling again on his face, stomach and waist down.”
Dr. A. E. Nwansi of Platinum Dialysis Centre, Owerri, Imo State capital, where Augustine undergoes dialysis sessions, said that Augustine’s kidney problem is very chronic. He said though he has been undergoing haemodialysis since September, 2014, the sessions are sometimes hampered by inadequate fund.
He described the stage of his condition as “end stage renal disease” requiring only kidney transplant as solution. In his report about the case he recommended that Augustine will “benefit immensely from kidney transplant as he is still young with a promising future.”
Also in his report, Dr. E. I. Balogun of Madonna University Teaching Hospital, Elele, Rivers State where Augustine case is being managed said that Augustine is being managed “as a case of chronic kidney disease secondary to chronic glometulonephritis (end stage).”
He recommends treatment by a kidney transplant which he suggests will be better achieved outside the country.
Explaining Augustine’s medical history, his cousin, Mrs. Kasie Abone, said that Augustine suffered very serious health problems as a lad which affected his kidney. “Over the years the problem has gotten worse to this chronic stage when both kidneys have become very bad. His health condition has become a very big challenge and source of concern to the family. Besides the pains he goes through during dialysis, the emotional and financial cost to the family is huge.
That is why we are soliciting financial support from good Nigerians because the cost of achieving a successful kidney transplant is very exorbitant. Moreover, his condition worsens by the day. We fear if nothing urgent is done we may lose him. But we are confident that kind hearted Nigerians will not allow this young man die. We are prayerful and hopeful that Nigerians will respond urgently to support our efforts to raise the required amount of money needed to fund his operation. I lost a cousin a month ago for the same kidney related problem. It’s a traumatic experience you don’t wish even your enemy.”
Presently, Augustine’s condition is degenerating fast. His whole body including his private organ is swollen. During the last dialysis session, he was put on Oxygen because he lost consciousness. Each dialysis session becomes more challenging because he always collapses. The dialysis doesn’t hold out for long anymore. He goes for about three sessions weekly. In cases where due to lack of fund the dialysis is not performed as and when due, he normally requires three pints of blood to sustain him before it can be performed. All these cost a lot of money.
Worst is that the dialysis session now comes with side effects. Sometimes his body peels off. Most of the times he is unconscious; after regaining consciousness, he suffers from severe chest and body pain causing him difficulties in moving about needing support at all times.

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