CHIEF Justice of Nigeria, CJN, Justice Mahmud Mohammed yesterday said the judiciary was determined to purge itself by weeding out corrupt and indolent judges. The CJN, who stated this while flagging off 2016 annual judges conference of the Federal High Court in Abuja, said it was regrettable that the judiciary was perceived as compromised owing to the misconduct of a minute minority on the bench. According to him, such acts of misconduct “rob off on the rest of us and creates the impression that all judicial officers have their hands soiled with the proceeds of corruption. “That is why the independence of the judiciary must remain unquestionable if we are to retain the trust and confidence of the people of Nigeria. “We must arrive to be apolitical, neutral and most importantly independent in matters that pertain to the business of the court. “We must shun the lure of corruption and the temptation to adjudicate on narrow perceived grounds, which may offend even our own rules of court. “Similarly, we must ensure that unnecessary delay is not countenanced nor permitted within our Courts. “No doubt, where we dispense justice promptly, properly and transparently in active collaboration with all stakeholders in the administration of justice, then the reputation of our courts within the public sphere will be enhanced,” the CJN declared.

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