A clergy, Rev. Mark Chinweoke of Gods Kingdom Solution Ministry, Mangoro Lagos has charged Nigerian leaders to imbibe the fear of God in whatever they do even as he also challenged Nigerians to pray for their leaders and the country at large for the wellbeing of the all citizens.
The minister, who gave the charge in a chat with Nigerian Pilot correspondent in Lagos, condemned a situation where some leaders will steal the money that is meant for the whole nation and go and invest them in foreign countries while Nigerians are suffering.
“Our leaders should imbibe the fear of God in whatever they are doing. If there is fear of God Nigeria would move forward. One person won’t loot money meant for others and stash it away in a foreign country to enrich them while our people are suffering over here.
“Those in position of authority should make it a personal thing to fear God because there is nothing one does today that he won’t give account someday to his creator.
“This is what they are to keep in mind to lead this country well.
For the followers, we should pray for our leaders and nation so that they can change and do what they are supposed to do for the wellbeing of the citizens.”
While commenting on the atrocities that are going on in the church today, he admitted that truly, there are challenges that are going on in different churches around the world but that does not mean that they have fallen.
He added that the church was made up of different people, different characters and different upbringing and “when they come to church, they exhibit what they are made of and those outside will hold the church responsible for what their members are doing.
“The Church in Nigeria is doing well because the Bible said that ‘Upon this rock I shall build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail over it’ so the church of God cannot fall although most churches are having challenges that does not mean they have fallen.
“The Church is like a clinic where you see all types of people with different ailments; mad people, stomachache, headache, fracture and they are kept in the ward. So the church is not exempted because we are still in the world. Different people with different type of upbringing from their parents coming to the church and some of them are not yet born again and when they enter the Church of God they may commit crimes whereby everyone would be calling the name of the church and the Church held responsible for their actions,” he lamented.
When asked about the stand of the church on same sex marriage which is a burning issue around the world, he stressed that the church is completely against it and that it should be rejected by all.
“I am yet to hear that the church in Nigeria accepts or supports same sex marriage or relationship, though it is happening in some countries but yet God is not in support of that or approved it.
“It is not something that should be reckoned with. It should be rejected out rightly. Those who are supporting it, if there is anyone, they should be punished by God and not by man. We leave judgment for God,” he added.

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