A cleric at the Redeem Christian Church of God, Mr Julius Olalekan, has urged Nigerians to get closer to God to end current challenges facing the country.
Olalekan, who is Pastor-in-charge of Ogun Region 12 of the church, made the call on Tuesday at the inauguration and dedication of the Provincial Headquarters, Ogun Province 18 of the church in Mowe, Ogun.

“Our leaders should have the fear of God in them; if there is the fear of God in our hearts, corruption will be removed from our hearts, and we will not steal the tax payer’s money.

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“If we have the fear of God, it will be the beginning of wisdom; once there is the fear of God, the wisdom to excel, good governance and good leadership will come automatically.

“The government should pay attention to the plight of the citizens; the earlier the better, because if they allow things to degenerate further, it will amount to lots of losses.

“Poverty and hunger should be addressed; the government should try to make the man on the street a little comfortable,’’ he said.

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In his speech, the Pastor-in-Charge of the new province of the church, Mr Lawrence Olunifesi, said that Nigeria was endowed with enormous resources.

“So far God has not failed Nigeria; we have mismanaged our God given resources; over time we have been complacent.

“We have opportunity to have expanded; we have opportunity to become a producing country, but we have so much depended on oil revenue or resources alone,

“The church is praying hard that Nigeria will recover from its current challenges and there will be reduction in poverty.

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“For any government to succeed, the ordinary man on the street should be a bit comfortable.

“But right now, we are educating our people not just to acquire certificates but to acquire skills and ability to be able to do something with their hands and be self-dependent.

“Nigeria is blessed with enormous land; we should go back to farming, and food scarcity will be reduced.

“We should work with our hands; we should be able to create the change we needed, government and church alone cannot do it,’’ he said.