As climate change continues to breed several environmental issues, the federal government has begun moves to curtail its negative impact in Nigeria beyond 2030, following launching of a new roadmap tagged ‘2050 calculator,’ even as the most populous African nation stands the risk of being among most vulnerable if prompt action was not taken.
The programme, which was introduced in collaboration with British High Commission, outlined various steps needed to militate against deplorable effect of climate change.
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Nama Fatima Mede who spoke at its presentation in Abuja on behalf of Nigerian government, underscored the impact of global warming in the change of weather and other environmental factors.
According to her, “As the climate risk intensifies, Nigeria will be seriously, adversely affected and from the studies we have, it is said that Nigeria is the number sixth country in the whole world that is most vulnerable to the impact of climate change and that if we do not take action now, by 2030 not even 2050 Nigeria would be one country out of 10 in the world that will have disaster induced poverty.
“So it is incumbent on us now for us to take action beginning with steps that will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. It is true that climate change is affecting the whole world not even only Nigeria but Africa continent is most vulnerable today because of high level of under-development.
“We do not have the needed funding to take on some programs that will help to mitigate these and help us adapt. We do not have the capacity, we need to build capacity, institutional capacity, knowledge you know, technology transfer that will help us take steps to make sure that the impact from climate change is reduced and curtailed because nobody knows what it would be.”
Talking about what Nigeria stands to gain with the introduction of 2050 calculator, Mrs Mede explained that “it will help us to measure the emission, which is the greenhouse gasses that are being emitted so that once we can measure; we know what we are doing.
“So this calculator will help us to begin to see the steps taken starting from everything we do from generators, cars, even the bulbs, everything we use in the house. So let it will us know what we are putting out there and to be able to prepare and mitigate.”

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