Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has said that climate change threatens people’s livelihood and their existence.
He stated this during the premiere of a film on climate change,” No Where To Run: Nigeria’s Climate and Environmental Crisis” in Abuja, yesterday, under the banner of Yar’Adua Foundation in partnership with the European Union.
In his remarks, Atiku said climate change does not only make us more vulnerable, but it is a security issue as well.
“As severe weather changes threaten people’s livelihood and their very existence, those who can, have been moving, and this massive migration leads to encroachment on farms and water which often lead to conflict.”
He cited the conflict between herdsmen and farmers in Nigeria as one of the effects of climate change.
“The incessant conflict between herders and farmers across the country readily comes to mind. There is no part of this country and indeed the continent of Africa that is not threatened by climate change and environmental crisis.
“We all can see how desertification, flooding and soil erosion are devastating many of our communities. The pollution coming from poorly maintained vehicles on our roads, as well as numerous generating sets in homes and offices have obvious health implications for all of us.”
Directed by Dan McCain of Core Productions, the documentary tells the story of environmental threats and unique challenges to security in Nigeria from the perspective of affected communities. The film aspires to inform and inspire stakeholders even as it seeks to address one of the defining challenges of our time.

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