Civil Liberty Organisation, CLO, South-South zone, has condemned in the strongest terms, the Federal Government’s new pump price for petroleum products.
Accusing the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, of compromising with Federal Government against the collective will and destiny of the nation’s citizenry, the Organisation also faulted government’s claims on deregulation.
At an exclusive interview with Nigerian Pilot Saturday, the zonal chairman of CLO, Karl Chinedu Uchegbu, asserted that if the government was sincere about its claims, it should hands off the petroleum sector and allow marketers to freely compete among themselves.
Comrade Karl was of the view that so do long as the government continues to regulate the prices of petroleum products, there was no deregulation.
Explaining further, he observed, “The FGN who said it has deregulated the PMS, also says that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC will import the same product and sell at N145.00 per litre. In that case, it means, the NNPC imports at below N100.00 per litre.”
Further, he quarrelled with what he described as “betrayal of trust” exhibited by the NLC, and revealed CLO’s intention to lead a statewide protest but peaceful march against the new petroleum pump price.
“Much as the so-called regulation is fraudulent in all ramifications, the sudden declaration that deregulation is now in place is yet another big slap on the face of Nigerians.
“Why will a few people sit on the comfort of their offices and declare war against the poor masses that voted them to power?
“Was the issue brought to the floor of the National Assembly for deliberations before its imposition?”
Accordingly, he said the CLO would reject anything more than its former price of N86.00, per litre.
“If the deregulation was proper, the government will not have any involvement, but would have allowed market forces of demand and supply to detect price, rather than the FGN itself.
It would be recalled that the Federal Government through the Minister of State for Petroleum. Dr Kachukwu Ibe had on May 10, announced increase of the pump of PMS from N86.00 to N145.00 per litre.
After meetings between the FGN and the various organised labour unions ended in deadlock, the NLC declared indefinite strike action that was scheduled for Wednesday, May 18.
However, an industrial court declared the strike illegal even as a faction of the NLC along with the Trade Union Congress, TUC opted out of the strike action and the exercise eventually failed to create the desired impact.

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