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Clothing is the actual basic need of man — Zadok



Clothing is the actual basic need of man — Zadok

The Organiser of Fashion Re-birth in this Interview with our correspondent, JOY IMISI says man can leave without food and shelter for some days, but the same cannot be said clothing.

My name is Vivian Zadok, I am the Coordinator and founder of Fashion Rebirth. I am also the founder of VZcreations, a fashion line which majors in training and mentoring upcoming fashion designers, we do pro Bono and specifically sensitise fashion buyers, especially our boutique owners to encourage our home grown fashion designers by sourcing their merchandise within the confines of Nigeria and stocking their boutiques with Nigerian made clothes.

Why Fashion

I was born into a home of one of the great fashion designers, that is to say my mother was a fashion designer. I learnt under her at a tender age when I began to discover that I loved working with my hands. Anything that had to do with my hands came naturally and easily to me, like knitting. I have been into fashion business for well over 8 years and it has been an amazing experience.
In the course of my work, I have discovered that in every woman there lies a creative fashion mind that needs little training, once harnessed it becomes a world of endless possibilities.
Interestingly true, every human being is a stakeholder in fashion because we cannot do without covering and comforting of our bodies. When you look around, even a mad man remembers to cover his body, despite the fact that he may not have shelter over his head or food in his tummy, he would still have some sort of piece thrown over his body, which is why I say Clothing is the actual basic need of man and not food or shelter. Let me add that fashion created modeling because a fashion designer has to create a unique piece which would be showcased by a model without which there would have been no need for modeling.

Tell us about Fashion Rebirth

Let me start by stressing that Fashion rebirth is a movement with an aim to create value, which has a burning desire to create complete acceptance of our Nigerian designs and we seek to change the public perception of Nigerian fashion designers towards Nigerian clothes.
Fashion Rebirth 2018 is the 2018 edition of our annual show that is aimed at featuring upcoming designers whose work has been tested and proven to meet international standards. It was a day event with the runway show/a symposium; where we brought together, big names in the fashion industry to mentor the younger designers by sharing their growth stories and give their own personal success pointers.
This year our fashion show had a theme which was, “Embracing your own” it was easy to have such a theme because what we do at fashion rebirth is to promote made in Nigeria clothes where we link boutique owners and designers for optimal result.
We want our people to by and large, embrace our culture and promote our indigenous manufacturers; we cannot keep flooding our homes with foreign clothes when we have our very own indigenous Ankara, Aso oke, Adire and the rest. As Nigerians, we must begin to clothe ourselves, which once we can achieve this, it will come very easy to us to cloth Africa and the world.
As a movement, in fashion rebirth we have a great vision to create jobs through this platform for Nigeria’s young population and position the country on the global fashion map. It is our aim to put Nigeria on a global fashion map and make the country a favorable destination and attract international investment.
The platform is committed to empowering Nigerian fashion designers and ensuring that they reached the echelon of their profession, by also changing the public perception of Nigerian fashion designers, it would also serve as a spring board for designers.
We will shine the spotlight on upcoming designers, and encourage Nigerians and boutique owners to start sourcing their merchandise within Nigeria. As Nigerians, we must learn to take pride in what is ours, some people will not wear anything made in Nigeria, we want to change that orientation to embrace what is ours by so doing we can help our economy grow.

Let us in on your partnership with the International World fashion week

We are very happy to announce that we have been recognised by the organisers of the world fashion week WFW, as we have stood strong in our move to position Nigerian clothes on the global fashion map.
The partnership with the internationally acclaimed World Fashion Week is expected to provide opportunity and further exposure for the Fashion Rebirth movement.
WFW provides a forum for worldwide exposure and recognition, with a major role in contributing to the harmonious growth and development of the global fashion industry. As part of the partnership, I will serve as a representative of WFW in Nigeria.
WFW has also graciously offered sponsorship to the best fashion designer participating at the annual Fashion Rebirth event for full participation and exhibition at WFW France 2019 event in Paris.”
The fashion show is with 10 outfits, valued at 14,000 Euros, as well as selecting the best male and female model from Fashion Rebirth, to participate in the final WFW France 2019 Casting in Paris.


Our major Challenge in the fashion industry is that most of our designers are too lazy to seek knowledge; we must go beyond our cut and sew methods. All you need to know is on the internet, short courses, networking and you must also have a mentor who should encourage their trainees to start small with baby steps.
The issue of funding has also been a challenge; all we are asking for is sponsors from government, multinationals and private individuals, who can buy into the Nigerian dream of clothing the world with our own indigenous clothes.

Fashion rebirth is a movement with an aim to create value, which has a burning desire to create complete acceptance of our Nigerian designs and we seek to change the public perception of Nigerian fashion designers towards Nigerian clothes.

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