Coalition of Abuja Climate Group with other climate and environmental activists yesterday staged a march round the federal capital city to sensitise Nigerians on climate.
Chairman of Climate Group, Mr. Obinna Chidoke, said the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, the deputy speaker and the entire House support and have a role to play in the climate issue.
“There are other legislative issues we are going to attend to with little time, they will pass a bill which will be taken care of so that we can have a strong legislation including that of gas flaring and other practices that can help us reduce emission. The legislature will make sure that it is enforced so that our environment can be protected.
“We all know that climate change has become a global issue but many people do not understand that in Nigeria it affects us. We need to take action now. If you go to the South-West, there is the issue of rising ocean levels and if nothing is done quickly, some parts of the North-West and South-West will wake up one morning and be on water. If you go to the South-East, you would see deep gully erosion. If you go to the South-South, all you will see is oil spillage.
“We talked about open defecation, deforestation and desertification, we have to discuss part of the change that will impact positively in our nation which is ending gas fueling and other issues,” Chidoke said.