NOLLYWOOD Europe Golden
Awards, NEGA, Isaac Izoya,
Founder, has said that constant
interactions and collaborations
between filmmakers in Nigeria
and their counterparts in the
Diaspora will aid dynamism
of movies in the entertainment
Izoya, an award winning
stakeholder in the entertainment
industry, told the News Agency
of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in
Lagos that local filmmakers and
those from other climes needed
to form a workable synergy to
improve the qualities of their
According to him; movie
production can be used to
transform the African continent,
if filmmakers can produce movies
that have quality contents.
“Entertainment is amongst the
greatest tools used in bringing
people together and to educate
them on various platforms.
“If stakeholders in the film
business spend quality time to
develop ideas and turn them into
movies; such movies will become
the greatest weapon for correcting
the ills of the society and transform
the society for the better,” he said.
He said that filmmakers should
strive toward achieving why the
movie industry in Nigeria was
tagged Nollywood and what the
priority of the sector should be.
“In my candid opinion, we are
supposed to uplift and sustain the
way of life that is predominant in
our society.
“Today, we have dominated
the world with our movies but
what is the impact on the global
“Do we promote our culture
with our movies or we are
helping foreigners to sustain their
cultures rather than selling our
norms and values to the rest of
the world?’’
Izoya appealed to the
government to assist the industry
more so that the practitioners
could live up to expectation.
“Government has to grow the
sector by investing more in it so
that it will be able to compete with
its international peers.
“There is no crime for
practitioners to have incentives
that will create an arousing effect
on the society in the long run,” he
NAN reports that Izoya;
a Germany-based Culture
Ambassador and with many
awards to his credit, has been
promoting Nollywood for nearly
two decades in Europe under
NAN also reports that
Izoya had begun mobilizing
filmmakers under the umbrella
of Nollywood to participate in
this year’s awards which would
hold in Frankfurt, Germany in