It was a sorrowful moment yesterday at the Onifufu/Aderupaba compound, Oke-Ijeun area of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, when a dilapidated building fell on a pregnant woman and her daughter killing the duo in the process.
The woman, who was said to be three months pregnant and identified as Kafayat Somoye, was taking her two children; Ganiyat and Ganiyu Somoye to school when the incident occurred.
While the boy, Ganiyu quickly escaped from the cracking wall, his mother and five-year old Ganiyat were unlucky as
they were trapped under the collapsed wall.
It was gathered that the deceased woman was rescued alive, though gasping for breath, but later gave up the ghost while being rushed to the Ogun State General Hopistal in Ijaye area of the city which is a stone throw to the scene.
When our correspondent visited the scene, the two dead bodies were seen on the ground with the small girl dressed in her school uniform and holding a candy.
Police officers from Oke Itoku and Ibara divisions were seen preventing the breakdown of law and order as angry youths made attempts to burn down the remaining part of the building.
An eye witness, Kabirat Sonde, who claimed to have escaped the collapsed structure by the whiskers as she was also taking her daughter to another school, said she had to retreat immediately the incident occurred.
“I was also taking my child to school, I was behind them and a woman was also in front, it was the woman who quickly raised alarm immediately the incident happened before people from the neighbourhood rushed to the scene.
“She was rescued alive and people started pouring water on her. She was being rushed to the hospital when she gave up. People didn’t know that there was another girl trapped, it was the same woman who also raised the alarm but it was late.”
Another eyewitness who identified himself as Tajudeen Badru said the incident must have been caused by a downpour which lasted till the early hours of yesterday.
“It happened early this morning as the woman was taking her child to school, although we heard that the girl is not her direct daughter but there were two of them, the elder brother was faster, the woman was trying to save the younger one but they were trapped.
“This building was intact as it gave no sign of collapse, but the heavy rain might have caused this unfortunate incident. It was a sudden occurrence. A woman who also escaped told us that people were trapped and we removed the woman before she also told us that the deceased was with a young girl, we later searched and found her.”
The police had wanted to deposit the corpses at the general hospital morgue, but family members prevented them from doing so.
Their bodies were later released to family members.

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