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Where are the brides that want to look modern and at thesame time please their conserved entourage! This gown is for you. You know all those parents, pastors, family members that will like you to cover up on your wedding day. That can be very frustrating I tell you, I am a witness. the words nun, old fashioned, silly and all that keeps ringing in your head, your world comes crashing down and you begin to feel that you will never have your perfect wedding. THAT IS THE WORST FEELING EVER. You feel you have to please them and you also want your day to be a memorable one. That is not the end of the world, Stop thinking! I have a solution for you. Why not try to marry your concept and that of the opposition you need to please together. This gown does that for you, it gives you a sense of reserved, vintage, churchy look and guess what? that sexy and modern look most brides keep longing for. If they are worried about the back, your veil will coverup in the church and you get to view it at the reception. Wow this bride looks CLASSYYYYYYY. You are happy, they are happy, that makes me happy, EVERYONE IS HAPPY!