Death is a necessary end it will come when it will come, according to Shakespare, who recognised that as mortals, humans are prone to death. However, life is such a delight that no matter how long one may have lived, no one really desires to abandon the certainty that it represents to the uncertainty that death is.
Little wonder people weep, mourn and lament the demise of another irrespective of how long the person may have lived.
Such was the situation in Kebbi State when a promising youth suddenly had his life cut-short by the cold hands of death. The youth had great expectations, following his graduation from the university, his parents had toiled to educate him to a level where they thought he would repay their sustained and dogged efforts to shape, groom and nurture him.
But these hopes were dashed by the inevitability of death. And like they say the world is full of oddities, death itself is strange and often inexplicable.
So, the young man observing the mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corps in Kebbi State reportedly ‘resurrected’ after being dead for two days. His remains was deposited in the mortuary, even as efforts were made to inform the family, as well as commence preparations for his funeral.
The corps member, Sunday Omolafe, was said to have drowned after a boat he was travelling in capsized, last Friday. When the incident occurred, sympathisers quickly organised a rescue team to salvage the situation and save lives. They swam all through the river, some desperately offered prayers, while others worked hard at the rescue mission. But all seemed in vain as the corps member could not be traced.
Disappointed, the team called off its search and joined the mourners who could not restrain themselves from lamenting the sudden demise of the promising corps member who in honour of the call for national service had come to Birnin-Kebbi.
However, not satisfied, the rescue team returned to the river the following day but their efforts were futile, even as the weeping continued. The corpse was subsequently recovered from the river and his body deposited at the mortuary the same day.
Though some had wished and prayed for a miracle, but in fairness to the prayer warriors they never really expected that a miracle would come soon. At most, they hoped to see him again on judgement day as the holy book had assured.
But a miracle really happened.
The young man reportedly came back to life on Sunday, despite being dead for two days. The corpse had spent 48 hours in the sub-zero freezing condition of the refrigerated morgue. His return to life awed medical staff and other interested persons, who could hardly come to terms with the modern day wonder.
Omolafe was in the company of eight other people when the boat mishap occurred on their way to Birnin-Kebbi. His ‘resurrection’ however led to an outburst of joy at the house of the 20-year old located at Ifelodun Street, Davog Area, Ijoka Road in Akure, the Ondo State capital.
According to a family source who preferred anonymity, the other corps members were rescued and resuscitated, while Omolafe could not be found. He was consequently put in a morgue, while his family was notified of his demise.
The victim’s mother was said to have fainted twice on hearing the news of her son’s death.
Her husband, Mr Omolafe, an aluminium fabricator, evidently overwhelmed by the sudden demise of his son, sat speechless on the bare floor. He was in that pensive posture for two days still unable to recover from the shock; first, the news of the death and secondly, his resurrection.
Friday Magazine found out that Mr. Omolafe was overwhelmed by the astonishing events and could barely mutter words of excitement and thanks to God. He kept murmuring to himself as people continued to besiege his residence to sympathise and rejoice with him.
On getting to Omolafe’s residence, our correspondent learnt that a call had been put through from the government hospital in Birnin-Kebbi that the young man who was dumped in the mortuary has indeed regained consciousness.
A mammoth crowd besieged their premises as the news spread like wildfire. Some well wishers were seen rolling on the ground thanking God, while others were shedding tears of joy.
Efforts to speak to the mother of the young man proved abortive as at the time of filling this report.
When contacted, an officer at the Public Relations department of the NYSC on Igbatoro road, Akure, said the Ondo State NYSC office was unaware of the incident.
He explained that they are only responsible for corps members posted to the state, adding that the NYSC in Kebbi State would know more about the incident.
Friday Magazine learnt that the parents were making efforts to either ensure that Omolafe returns home or they travel to Birnin-Kebbi to be with him.