Mothers have been charged to be role models to their children as they guide, monitor and counsel them in all areas of life.
The Guidance and Counsellor of Aquinas College, Akure, Mrs Julianna Ojukwu, gave the charge in an interview with journalists at the weekend in her office.
Ojukwu insisted that parents, particularly mothers should not leave the training of children to their teachers.
Guiding, monitoring and counselling children at a tender age, she said will shape their lives for a better future.
Ojukwu added that as a counsellor in a school, she noticed that a lot of children can do better if they were guided rightly.
Counselling, she said, is very important to young ones because they are exposed to a lot of things including what they read, watch and access on the internet which can influence them.
“Counselling can go a long way in shaping people’s lives, especially children if they are directed rightly at an early age. A lot of children and even adults would not have been the bad people they are today if they had been rightly counselled,” she explained.
She tasked counsellors in various schools to ensure proper counselling of their students “because it is an important aspect of development that would help children in all aspects of life.’’

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