An indigenous pharmaceutical company, Neimeth Pharmaceuticals, has offered hypertensive patients in the country a 50 percentage reduction in the price of hypertension drugs.
The Managing Director of Neimeth Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Emmanuel Ekunno, made this known during a presentation of FITGAH, Fight the Good Fight Against Hypertention project, in Abuja at the Ministry of Health.
Ekunno at the presentation said that the guesture was informed by results of screenings for hypertension conducted in rural and urban communities, which reveals that almost 90 percent of hypertension cases are on people living in urban cities in the country.
Giving the statistics of Nigerians who are hypertensive Ekunno revealed that about 4.5 million people over the age of 15 are hypertensive, and 40 percent of the nation’s adult populace have hypertension.
He said that FITGAH, was launched in 2013 as an innovative initiative of Neimeth International Pharmaceuticals which seeks to increase awareness against hypertension, and ensure availability and affordability for treatment of hypertension, its programme already reduced the cost of drugs by 50 percent but need the federal government’s commitment for additional reduction by 25 percent to ensure that people living with hypertension could afford the drugs to reduce mortality caused by hypertension.
Neimeth Chairman disclosed after findings there was disparity in the results of people with hypertension adding “the disparity is obvious and was expected because of the environmental factor, people in rural communities are not exposed to noise and other environmental pollutions, from industries, generators, and numerous vehicles exhuming hazardous gas to the air, people in the rural communities are not exposed to such, feeding habit is another challenge, we discovered that people living in rural communities eat more vegetables and fresh foods, the urban residents would naturally prefer fried foods and carbohydrates without regular exercise to born the fats which are also toxic to the body, those in rural communities also sleep early, but in urban cities life begins at night”
Less worry is also one reason why people in the rural community will not have hypertension compared to people in urban community Neimeth chairman said while call for regular check up by every adult in Nigerian he said.
“What we do is an object measurement of a person’s blood pressure, if it is above the acceptable normal, and it is done three times and the result is consistently above normal it is hypertension. It is not headache or dizziness and if people keep waiting for symptoms before they can go for check up, then we have more challenges ahead” he said
On the rise of non-communicable diseases in Nigeria, he said the issues are more of behavioural “people ought to be mindful of what they eat and their environment, this is the reason why people in urban areas have more cardiovascular diseases risk factors.”

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