Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State has faulted the privatization of the nation’s economy in to the hands of private individuals describing the decision as the worst particularly in a country like Nigeria.
The governor who stated this in Abuja after a closed door meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari described the situation as unhealthy for the nation’s economic development adding that it is unacceptable in a dwindling economy like Nigeria.
He explained that a situation where government takes public assets and puts them in the hands of few individuals was not healthy for the nation.
Ayade also expressed confidence that the President understands his position on the matter, adding that in due time, Nigerians would understand what Buhari is doing.
He said: “it is important to emphasise that privatisation, which has characterised the Nigerian economy for a long period is totally unacceptable, where government takes public assets and sells them into the hands of few people.
“That is why I am very proud of Mr. President. Our President understands this very well and I am sure that in the course of time, we will understand what he is doing.”
Ayade further stated that “when the results of his actions begin to manifest, Nigerians will know that he has come prepared and commit- ted to take us to the path of glory. I must confess that he is a very humble President.”
The governor stated that a good government should be able to respond to the needs of the vulnerable, saying that was the reason behind his ad- ministration’s decision to provide houses for the poor and needy at no cost. He disclosed he had signed a bill exempting the poor from paying taxes in the state.
“We are providing housing for the poor and the needy be- cause there is no government that calls itself a government, if you don’t respond to the needs of the vulnerable, you cannot call yourself a government.
“That is when you will bring transformation to government. I also signed into law a bill I originated to exempt the poor people from paying tax. Government’s profit is socio-harmony and provision of jobs for its people,” he added.
The Cross River governor also clarified the circumstances leading to the recent cancellation of Buhari’s planned visit to the state. He said the grey areas that resulted into the cancellation had been sorted out and that a new date would soon be announced.
Ayade said, “There were wrong speculations in the press linking the shift in the visit to politics and so many other considerations other than what was real”

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