CIVIL Society Organisations on
Thursday protested the reported
slave trade of Africans in Libya.
A report by CNN had revealed
that Africans, Nigerians
inclusive, were auctioned as
slaves for as low as $400.
Deji Adeyanju, convener of
Concerned Nigerians, said it is
an aberration to subject fellow
humans to such barbaric and
horrible treatment.
He urged the Nigerian
government to promptly
evacuate and ensure the safety
of Nigerians who are stranded
in Libya.
“It is unacceptable to humanity, it unacceptable even to our
culture because is alien and they
should not try to redefine Africa.
We have gone through the dark
ages, we are now in the era of
modernising Africa. We should
be the one setting the pace and
be the example we want to see
on the continent,” he said.
“It is shocking to find that slave
trade, a horrible part of African
history which is best confined
to our collective past and best
studied to avoid a repeat, is
being conducted so brazenly in
these modern times.”
The organisations also urged
the African Union ensure that
revenue, but ensuring that school
children got the best as private
schools adhere to laid down rules for
their establishment.
“We are trying to sanitise and
revamp the education sector and
make sure we create a status for
education, because we want the best
for the Plateau child. We want their
future to be good.
“We do not want schools operating
in someone’s house or church in a
mushroom manner. We have sealed
over 50 schools so far across the state.
The closure is not a permanent one,
but informing them to come and
formalise their existence.
“We will still serve the schools
with letters, giving them specific
time to come and rectify whatever
issues they have and after the time
elapses, if they refuse, total closure
will follow.
“We have generated a
reasonable amount of money from
the exercise: over N15 million.
When others that were penalised
for the illegality pay their fines, it
will be more than that amount.”
Mairiga called on parents to
have background checks on
schools before registering their
children, adding that “besides
academic, children need space for
physical exercise, which is also
part of learning,” he said.
such acts are put to an end.
Officials of the embassy were
not around to address the
protesters. The group vowed
to stage another protest at the
ministry of foreign affairs on
Some of the civil society
organisations at the protest
were #OurMumuDonDo,
Concerned Nigerians,
Campaign for Democracy,
Coalition in Defence Of
Nigerian Democracy and MAD
Charles Oputa, an entertainer
better known as Charly Boy,
was also present at the protest.

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