development in Nigeria’s higher
institutions. The country’s campus
cults have contributed a major
threat to academic programme in
our universities, and these cults
encourage moral ruin, murder,
terrorism, sexual harassment, rape,
armed robbery, prostitution, etc. in
the various higher institutions in
the country.
It is ironic that the campuses
which are supposed to be a
centre for knowledge acquisition
have become devils” nests for
cultist operations. It is sad to note
that cultists have turned some
campuses into something entirely
different, instead of justice, it has
become survival of the fittest in
the nation’s campuses. Instead of
peace, we find tales of horror and
brutality instead of love.
There are intimidation, tortures and
murders. Morality seems to have
gone to zero degrees, and academic
pursuit which is supposed to be
of primary importance has been
relegated to secondary priority.
Naturally, the question people will
tend to ask are what type of secret
cult is unleashing terror of this
kind in our campuses.
These cults are often saddled with
different interests and conflicting
ideas. These are some groups that
are interested in maintaining the
supremacy of the Capone and still
there are others that are bent in
undermining his power and such
situations results to shooting and
killings in the campus.
The Capone’s power is often
checked by the elders. If the Capone
abuses his power, there is bound to
be revolt by some of his officers and
such things happen in campus where
there might be coup against the
Capone or mutiny in the rank and
file of the soldiers.
If one may ask, why has cultism
continued in our campuses despite
the government efforts, if any, to
eradicate it? A number of people we
spoke with gave various reasons for
this anomaly in our system. Husseini
Bello, a customs officer said this
ugly trend has continued because of
the role of lecturers in the various
He accused them of insincerity in
their conduct. He said contrary to
people’s perceptions, lecturers aid
and albeit cultism. According to
the Customs officer: “Cultism has
continued in our campuses because
of the abnormal role of lecturers in
Lecturers contribute greatly to
cultism in our campus because it
is these lecturers that encourage
student into cultism ; if our lecturers
are 100 percent out of cultism then
the level cultism in our institution
will reduce and our securities should
look in the issue and try to fight
Alexander Whitney, who did not
reveal his occupation attributed the
ugly trend to the poor educational
system, and of course the rot in the
Curbing menace of cultism
“These student
don’t do
anything and
will be feeling
like …, if they
could go straight
to the lecturers
and the lecturers
agree to join
forces with them
in order not to
collect bribe
form students. I
believe we will
be able to tackle
society. According to Whitney,
“Because of the system, the system
is very poor when it comes to doing
things. There is corruption almost
in the entire gamut of the society. .
He did not spare lecturers from
the entire scenario. According to
him “Lecturers are always available
to collect bribes from student;
so these students form cultist
groups that will threaten lecturers
who are not willing to collect bribe
and those who are willing they
settle them well. “ he attributed
this development to laziness on the
part of thse students.
“These student don’t do anything
and will be feeling like …, if they
could go straight to the lecturers
and the lecturers agree to join
forces with them in order not
to collect bribe form students. I
believe we will be able to tackle
For Rev. Father Paul .O. Salami
of Holy Rosary Catholic Church,
Wuse Two, Abuja, the government
is doing enough to halt this evil
trend in the nation’s campuses.
He said if the government and
various institutions are decisive
enough, the problem would have
been tackled a long time ago. He
said:”To me government is not
working enough to eradicate
cultism, our security system is
very terrible and if we had a good
security system where cameras
are placed everywhere; then these
occultist will be careful not to do
anything because they will be
The Reverend Father advised
parents to monitor their children
to ensure that they do not indulge
in evil practices. He said:”. Our
parents also contribute because
some of our parents don’t bring
up their children in a God fearing
way, our security should be able
to enforce the law because most of
these cultist have rich parents, even
if they are caught they are released
without the security enforcing the
law, the religion leaders should
preach on these issue and parents
do more in impacting a God
fearing attitude in their children.
All hands should be on deck in
order to eradicate cultism in our
Mrs Grace Ahangba also spoke in
a similar vein. She equally advised
parents to be vigilant on their
children and wards.
According to her:”Parents should
bring up their children in a Godly
way, if we bring up our children in
a God fearing way, they will not go
to school and join cults, the Bible
says bring up a child in the way
he should go and when he grows
he will not depart form it; so I
encourage parents in bringing up
their children in a Godly way and
cultism will be eradicated from
our campuses. I also encourage
lecturers in advising our students
against cultism.”

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