Artistic Director, Qdance Centre, Mr Qudus Onikeku, said dance can be used as a veritable tool for cultural integration among ethnic groups, as well as in restoring peace to the country.
“Dance is a profession that can be used to earn a living. Some people regard it as not being worthy, but it has helped many great countries to restore peace. It has also attracted millions of tourists to learn about the cultural heritage of those great countries.
“Dancing is a tool that can be used to bring cultural integration between countries, ethnic groups and others,“ Onikeku said.
The artistic director recalled that the just concluded Lagos trade fair gave Nigeria the opportunity to showcase several cultural dances of its ethnic groups to foreigners that attended the fair.
He said several ethnic groups exhibited their cultural dance potentials to the world during the fair. “It also created an avenue for foreigners to learn more about Nigeria’s culture and the peoples’ way of life,“ he said.
Onikeku appealed to the federal government to build more cultural centres in order to boost activities in the entertainment industry.
He said the industry is capable of creating millions of jobs for youths, alleviate poverty and boost revenue generation.
According to him, the entertainment industry is fast growing globally and could contribute meaningfully to Nigeria’s revenue.
“So many talented youths are doing well in the industry; if the government can provide a befitting environment to boost activities, then it will generate huge revenue,“ he said.
Onikeku urged the government to grant incentives to practitioners to boost their business activities.

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