Love is as strong as death, so says the Holy Bible. Last week, the media were awash with the ugly incident of a lunatic police officer, who shot and killed his senior colleague, his girlfriend and himself because of a disagreement over the love triangle. This was on April 30, 2015.
With this kind of development, the new Inspector General of Police, Mr. Solomon Arase, has a lot of work to do. It is inconceivable that a police officer, trained and armed by taxpayers money to protect lives and property of members of the civil society, would become a monster terrorising and killing innocent people. It is more annoying when such crimes are committed on the platform of immorality.
Reports about the identity of the officers are conflicting. While some said the junior officer was a corporal attached to the Karu Police Station and the senior officer an inspector, others reported that the junior officer was a sergeant while the senior was an inspector. The bottom-line is that both of them are now late.
According to the story, the two police officers had a hot argument over a girl. The corporal had been dating the lady who sold recharge cards at Karu, close to the CBN Junction near the duty post of the officers. Karu is a popular suburb of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The junior officer found out about the love triangle and confronted his boss.
The irreconcilable difference resulted in the junior officer pulling the trigger of his AK-47 rifle. He killed his senior colleague first, then his girlfriend before killing himself.
Following this incidence and several others like it, it is our opinion that the new IGP should introduce mental health test for officers before and during service to ascertain the mental stability of officers and men of the Nigeria Police Force. For instance, in a related development, in March this year, a police officer shot and killed a scrap metal scavenger whose name was given as Haruna Sokoto in Lokoja over failure of the scavenger to give him N200.
Also in Ibadan, there was a report of a police officer, who came out from a police patrol vehicle with NPF 6843 number on duty along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and killed an innocent driver plying Jos/Lagos route.
IGP Arase has vowed to tackle corruption and indiscipline in the force. One key area he should curtail is the happy-trigger syndrome of police officers. The Nigeria Police is armed to fight crime and criminals, not innocent Nigerians.

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