Njobdi Abdulmumeen, one of
the most grounded and coolest
custom officers at Tincan Island
Port in Lagos was a year older
during the week. To celebrate
the day, friends, colleagues
and associates of the dynamic
and hardworking Chief
Superintendent of Customs
gathered in his office to dine
and wine with him.
From the people around, it
was evident that the gregarious
officer is loved by all as many
swarmed around him like bees
with all smiles.
According to those who
should know, Njobdi deserves
all the love showered on him
because he is the man of the
people. He is said to be loved
based on his dedication, civility,
loyalty, and love for others.
In his line of duty, we learnt
he has improved the sanity and
security of the port by ensuring
that only those who have
genuine business to do at the
terminal are allowed access.
Speaking about the “birthday
boy,” Barr Ada Akpunonu, a
connoisseur in the maritime
sector and the Vice President of
Association of Nigeria Licensed
Customs Agents, ANLCA,
Tincan, Lagos, described him
as a blessing to humanity. “I’m
happy that we have someone
like him in the customs, he’s
committed to the service of
humanity and he is a reliable,
dependable and forthright
custom officer. I’m happy to
have met someone like him,”
she said.

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