Alexia Thomas
Alexia Thomas

Nigerian born, British fiery Human Rights Activist, Professor Alexia Thomas, has predicted that 500 million citizens from Commonwealth countries, particularly Nigeria and Ghana will be lost to starvation, famine between now and the next 15 years.
The Professor who doubles as Chairman, Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, a registered political party in United Kingdom, UK, and President, Independent Diplomat Commission, IDC, stressed that Europe destruction of Commonwealth Nations allegedly championed By British will be a major contributing factor to the suffering of the people.
Speaking at an interaction in London, the Professor acknowledged the bastardization of African economy, explaining that “15 years from today, the death recording will start taking its eminent, recognizing the fact that the sense that people will just start dying, but within three years the wrath of death will sweep through the nations of the Commonwealth and 500million will be massacred. Half of the Commonwealth nations’ generation will die of famine and starvation.
“Europe has brought destruction upon the people of Commonwealth and it is the kind that humanity will never recover from in the next 1,000 years. She accused United Kingdom government of championing the destruction of the Commonwealth, adding that it is a mastermind of Angela Merkel of Germany and the whole European Union (EU) in generality.
She explained that it would starts with propaganda whereby the people are made enemies before the people whom they know. From 2016, the evacuation of Commonwealth citizens from Europe will begin. It has already started taking effect because it has come in the layers of mass deportation. So, all Europe nations will begin to excavate the Commonwealth nations. They will excavate them: there will be no mercy; it will be the bed of destruction. So from 2016 to 2022, deportation of Commonwealth nations from Europe will continue. For six years, they have to complete the first phase of Commonwealth destruction. For six years, Commonwealth nations will be evacuated from Europe. Those who do not have papers will be forced to go. From 2023 to another seven years, by that time the Commonwealth citizens who are now resident in Europe from their generic foundation, the mixed-race will also be evacuated and dumped in land they don’t even know.”
The next evacuation will be the revocation of residents which will be called Generic Extermination of the coloured inter-relationship. The coloured who are not the pure race will be deported back to Africa. Africa will be the dumping ground. The pure white race that Hitler called the ‘White Breed’ is going to be excavated. They will also deport those who have their residence and papers.
The Human Right Activist talked about plans to extinct the coloured people of Commonwealth and devalue their currencies, tasking commonwealth nations to begin to work their ways into independence.
Nigeria and Ghana as a nation can survive without America. They do not need to do business with America to should sustain their own economy. The reason for business relationship is called ‘Knowledge-Exploration.’ Nigeria wants to build bridges; America has a talent to build bridges for them. They do what is called ‘Money-Equilibrium’. America will bring 100 civil engineers labour force, Nigeria will bring 1000 labour force. What America does not need what America needs from Nigeria, Nigeria supply in terms of human labour. But the truth is that, there would be Apocalypse of Judaism which is the destruction of the Commonwealth race.
She called on the nations of Commonwealth to start preparing storage and reservation. They need to create storage just like it was said in the Bible where Joseph translated the dream, and the king stored for seven years, because the famine lasted for seven years.
She warned that there will be serious famine in Africa and because this destruction will come upon the Commonwealth nations, Nigeria right now should start learning to be an island of its own, so that should this catastrophe come upon them, they can survive without crying to America. If Nigeria whose population 180million and 90million dies, then Nigeria will perish. It is a premeditated master plan. The Commonwealth nations’ government has not created sustenance for their citizens because the white man gave them independence and taught them the lust of life. Lust of life means everybody wants to build house, everybody wants to build mansion, everybody wants to steal money to America. Every politics of the Commonwealth nations have no ideology.

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