Might leave WWE

Although he is yet to be cleared to wrestle again by the WWE doctors, Daniel Bryan is already looking ahead to returning to active wrestling.
Bryan was on the Q&A panel at the Chicago Comic Con recently and he addressed his health, telling fans that he has been cleared by his doctor but wasn’t cleared yet to return by WWE doctors.
He then spoke about a possible match with Kurt Angle.
Bryan said that he would love to have a match with Kurt Angle and he has a million ideas on what they could do together in a match.
Although Bryan did not out rightly say that he would be let out of his WWE contract, but he said that if WWE doesn’t let him wrestle again then he may actually get a chance to wrestle Kurt.
The initiator of the “Yes Movement” then went ahead to talk about CM Punk, revealing that he always had this idea in his head to wrestle CM Punk at a WrestleMania, and that it could be this generation’s Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels.
He however said that he has mixed emotions about Punk’s departure from the company, because while he would have loved to wrestle Punk at WrestleMania but on the flip side, Bryan made it to the WrestleMania main event last year because Punk left the company.

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