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Red eyes are a common thing but can really be discomforting. There are various reasons why
people have discomfort but most of the time it has to do with our everyday style of life.
Watching TV for a long time, staying awake all night and crying, rubbing our eyes, changing of
contact lenses and even smoke can all be causes of red eyes, though there might be serious
cases which might lead you to seeing a doctor.

Some home remedies to take care of red eyes are:
Warm compress
Soak a towel in warm water and squeeze the water out. The area around the eyes is sensitive,
so keep the temperature at a reasonable level. Place the towel on your eyes for about 10
minutes. The heat can increase blood flow to the area. It can also increase oil production on
your eyelids. This allows your eyes to create more lubrication.
Cool compress
If a warm compress isn’t working, you can take the opposite approach. A towel soaked in cool
water and squeeze out the water. It can relieve any swelling and reduce any itchiness from
irritation. Be sure to avoid any extremes of temperature in the area around your eyes, or you
may make the problem worse.
Artificial tears
Tears lubricate your eyes and help keep them clean. Short-term or long-term dryness might call
for over-the-counter artificial tears to keep your eyes healthy. If cool artificial tears are
recommended, consider refrigerating the solution.
Switch contacts
If you’re experiencing chronic eye redness and you wear contact lenses, the problem may
involve your eyewear. The materials found inside certain lenses can increase your likelihood for
infection or irritation. If you’ve recently switched lenses or if you’ve had the same type of
lenses for a while and experience redness, talk to your eye doctor. They can help you pinpoint
the problem. The contact solution that you use can also affect your eyes. Certain solution
ingredients aren’t as compatible with certain lens materials. Make sure you’re using the best
contact solution for your lenses.
Use Tea Bags
Place a damp tea bag on the affected area and leave for a few minutes. This trick has been
around for quite some time, because of its effects. Some people now use green, black, and
many herbal tea bag in providing relief; a variety of benefits are provided by these variety tea
bags, including the reduction of inflammation and redness.
Get some sleep
As earlier said some red eyes are as a result of lack of sleep. It’s always necessary to get at least
six hours of sleep to reduce the stress on the eyes. When you feel slight headaches shutting
your eyes for a few minutes would help in both reducing the ache and also reducing the stress
on the eyes.
Use eye drops
This should be the last option if your eye redness persists. It’s important to do a thorough
research on eye drops before getting one. Also it’s important to purchase your eye drop at a
registered pharmacy as they would effectively advice you on what to do.
Eat a balanced diet
Your food choice can affect your diet. It’s important to always take a balanced diet especially
food that contains vitamins. As these vitamins help in preventing this red eyes, also take a lot of
water. You can never take too much.
Know the cause

Though these might be tricky, if you have frequent eye redness it’s important to know what
always causes it. Try some life style adjustments. It might be smoke; your contact lens e.t.c. if
you can’t decipher the root cause then visiting a doctor might be a good option.
Avoid staring at your TV for long period
This is very common with our generation. TV has become part of our lives and we can hardly do
without it. The danger is that we have become so addicted with watching TV. Even if it’s a
hobby sometimes put it off cause you might be straining your eyes.
Limit your alcohol intake.
Drinking too much alcohol dehydrates the body. You lose nutrients important for tear
production through increased urination. The combination of dehydration and nutrient loss
causes dryness and redness in the eyes.

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