The African Group at the UN General Assembly said on Tuesday that new infections and deaths from HIV and AIDS has continued to decline in sub-Saharan Africa.
Mr Maboneza Sana, who spoke on behalf of the 54 countries, at a meeting of the Assembly said African leaders had demonstrated strong political will in the fight against HIV and AIDS.
He said that significant progress had also been made towards universal access to health care services, particularly in the area of HIV and AIDS.
He, however, said there were still concerns over rise in infection in conflict-ridden parts of north Africa.
Similarly, the Mr Anthony Bosah, a Nigeria’s representative at the meeting, said the international community had waged an unprecedented war against HIV and AIDS.
Bosah, who is Minister, Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the UN, in a statement during the meeting, said it was heartwarming that HIV was no longer regarded as a death sentence for those infected.
However, he said, challenges persisted, which required the continued attention and involvement of the international community.
Ms Bernadette Ntaba of Zimbabwe, who spoke on behalf of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), said HIV and AIDS posed a major challenge to the socio-economic progress of the region.
She said this had manifested in the huge number of orphans and vulnerable children the leaders of the region had to cater for.
She said the address the rate of infection, the block prioritised abstinence as the best preventive measure and promoted prevention through condom promotion use and behavioural change.

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