National Mathematical Centre, NMC, has called on the federal government to declare a four-year national emergency on Mathematics if passionate mathematical teaching and learning in the country would be revived.
Director-general and chief executive officer of the NMC, Prof. Adewale Solarin, who lamented the decline of interest in the mathematics during the national Olympiads awards ceremony for secondary in Nigeria held in Abuja recently said Nigeria would need N108billion safety measures for the public primary schools in the country.
The event, which also featured the inauguration of Prof. Sam Ale, former director-general of the centre, as the first distinguished Fellow of NMC, was marked with discussions on the need to refocus attention on the learning of Mathematics.
Solarin argued that to revive the study of Mathematics in Nigeria, the federal government should declare a four-year national emergency on Mathematics.
“The problem is basically for us to have the funds to be able to extend these methods and developing materials for schools. Basically, you know that Maths at the secondary school level is a state affair; education is on the coexisting list. So it takes the state to take interest in the activities of NMC to be able to reach out to the schools.
“The private sectors and others should be involved and that is one of the reasons we are pleading that every company in this country should adopt each of the over 54,000 public primary schools. In the alternative, we should declare national emergency on Mathematics like it is done in other countries,” he said

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