Popular Lagos based designer – Deola Sagoe is in the news again, unless this time it is not on the account of a new lookbook rather it is about her finding love again.
It could be remembered that Deola Sagoe and her husband, Kofi, who in the past had tried to keep up appearances but could only try so hard for long; have gone their separate ways.
As reported from a highbrow online site, Kofi has remarried a new bride and Deola has moved on telling whoever cares to listen that she is happy again. To celebrate her new found independence, she recently  featured in a movie of star actor, Kunle Afolayan’s October 1st.
She has also since rededicated herself to rediscovering the subtle joys of freedom. Deola reapplies herself to her career as a fashion designer and mentoring her girls who equally have an emerging fashion line – CLAN.
According to sources, we hear she is into a new relationship with ….stay glued and find out.

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