A Psychiatrist Doctor, Femi Taiwo, has advised Nigerians to take things easy with their personal and economic expectations to avoid depression.

Dr Taiwo, who works with the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Enugu, gave the advice while speaking with the Nigerian Pilot in Enugu on Tuesday.

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According to him, depression is something that cannot be seen, but it is nonetheless, a leading cause of death in people.

“The economic situation in the country might have made individuals prone to depression.

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“However, people should always take things easy and commit everything to the hands of God,’’ he said.

The medical expert also advised those constantly relapsing into depressive mood over a very short period of time to consult a psychiatric doctor.

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Taiwo enumerated some of the symptoms of depression as: prolonged feeling of sadness, reduced energy and activity level.

Others, he said, are loss of interest in what was previously one’s hobby, reduced appetite and sleep, among others. (NAN)