A technocrat and research expert, Prof. Ayodele Isreal Adeleye, has said that for Nigeria to experience significant change and meaningful development under the current democratic dispensation, it must ensure that 70 per cent of its resources are deployed or devolved to states and local governments.
The former Ahmadu Bello University of Zaria don also said that for the nation to achieve a large scale development, it must create more states to bring government closer to the people and simulates development in virtually every segment across the country.
Ayodele, who was a principal staff of ABUTH, said Nigeria with its high population needs more than the current number of states stressing that fewer states was responsible for the congested cities and towns.
He said Nigeria leaders are mostly corrupt because of the over accumulation of finances in the hands of few at the centre thus narrowing opportunities for states to have more funds for development.
“A situation where there is too much money in the federation account without immediate corresponding commitment and budgeting for development in various states and local government, breeds corruption, temptation, reckless spending and embezzlement”, he noted adding that it was the reason some are desperate to control the centre.
He said the developed world were not insensitive to the essence of creation of many states, considering the potentials that state creation engenders grassroots development and facilitates structural growth.
According to him, creating more states to accommodate the diverse ethnicity and various interest group and curtails the current challenges which have inhibited the conduct of a rancour -free general elections in Nigeria.
Further, he said concentration of powers at the centre was inimical to the administration of the third tier system of government that he said requires autonomy to function and achieve the desired goals of grassroots development.
“All these can only be achieved under the present government with a system of stringent anti-craft agency put in place to check abuses by corrupt leaders and ensure accountability.
A person with proving integrity too, must head the anti-graft body and good track record, possibly judges, for the country be archive successful growth.
“The county’s President must also be one with strong political will and commitment to fighting corruption to the later in all its ramifications”, he said.
According to him, late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, had a template for development which largely transformed the Western Region of Nigeria and therefore urged present leaders to revisit Awoos’ development plan and use it to transform Nigeria.

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