The Director-General, National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, Alhaji Muhammed Sanisidi has called for stronger coordination among critical stakeholders, especially between the coordinating Agencies at the Federal and State levels to address humanitarian challenges.
Alhaji Muhammed Sanisidi who made the call weekend in Asaba at the Consultative meeting between NEMA management/zonal Coordinators and Executive Secretaries/Heads of State Emergency Management Agencies, SEMAs, said that effective disaster management and humanitarian service delivery cannot be achieved by one tier of government alone.
According to NEMA D-G, “Government institutions, the private sector, local and international organizations and individuals must work together for a nation like ours to meet its objectives of emergency management, disaster risk reduction and the building of strong national resilience”.
He stated that the 2016 edition of the consultative meeting was mainly focused on fostering sustainable collaboration and mutual support between NEMA and its State counterparts, the SEMAs, in order to consolidate on actions taken by the Agency in coordinating disaster management stakeholders.
Alhaji Sanisidi said that coordination allows all personnel and agencies involved in emergency management to work together for enhanced service delivery, stressing “ it allows them to pool resources, assets and manpower to effectively work together in spite of existing differences in their operational procedures and rules of engagement”.
“This is done with the main goal of saving lives, the protection of properties, critical national assets and infrastructure and the complete restoration of normalcy in the aftermath of disasters”, he noted.
Alhaji Sanisidi expressed happiness that the collaborative efforts between NEMA and SEMAs in the past which include capacity building, joint damage and loss assessments, simulation exercises and relief supports have yielded positive results, which according to him, have translated to better humanitarian services to the people of the country.
NEMA D-G disclosed that the meeting would consider the recent trends of disaster across the country, update SEMAs on recent changes in NEMA’s policies and structure and receive updates from SEMAs with a view to strengthening their disaster management structure at the States level amongst others.