As part of efforts to reward
loyal customers for trusting
Diamond bank to serve
them, the retail banking giant
has set aside a whopping
N433 million as the total
prize money to be won in
its Diamondxtra Season 10
reward scheme which kicked
off Tuesday in Nigeria.
“DiamondXtra account
is our most important
solution for our customers.
Not only does it serve as a
utility account, it also gives
the customer the hope that
one-day he/she will win
something big, said chief
executive officer, Uzoma
”DiamondXtra has
transformed the lives of
people in the last 10 years
and we have always put more
into it for our customers to
win, he said.
Dozie, said that the
unique customer reward
scheme which is tied to
the DiamondXtra account
proposition, is aimed at
rewarding the customers for
trusting Diamond Bank to
serve them and give hope
to Nigerians that the Bank
is still in the business of
helping customers achieve
their goals.
Over 4,950 customers will be
rewarded in the monthly and
quarterly electronic draws,
which would be witnessed
by customers, potential
customers, shareholders,
regulatory authorities,
media practitioners and the
management of the Bank.
The prizes for this year
has been increased with
20 per cent to give more
customers the opportunity
to win in the monthly and
quarterly draws, said Robert
Giles, Head retail Banking
“DiamondXtra Season 10 is
a testament of how people’s
lives have changed. Now it is
possible for someone to win
salary for life. It is bigger than
ever before and the Bank has
given out over N5 billion and
this year we are giving out 20
per cent over what we have
been giving” he said.
He also revealed that
winners are expected
to emerge from all the
geopolitical zones in the
country.Of all the winners that are
expected to emerge from the
draws and rewarded in the
season, one customer will
win the star prize of salary
for life and 10 customers will
be rewarded with N1 million
every month in the monthly
electronic draws.
The winner of salary for life
will receive monthly salary
of N100,000.00 (one hundred
thousand naira) for 20 years.
In this Season 10, apart
from the monthly draws,
there will also be bigger
quarterly draws and prizes to
be won by customers, which
include a brand-new car, 5
years’ education allowance
for 1 lucky customer, a year
rent for three customers
while six customers will
smile home with N1 million
each at the end of every
quarter. Over 2000 customers
will also be rewarded with
other cash prizes and gifts
in the monthly and quarterly
The winner of education
allowance will receive a
salary of N100,000.00 every
month for five years.
” A deposit balance of
N5,000 (five thousand naira)
qualifies a customer to
participate in the draws while
a multiple of that amount
increases the customer’s
chances of winning, said
Chioma Afe, the Bank’s chief
According to her, since
the Bank launched the
DiamondXtra reward scheme
in July 2008, it has given its
numerous customers the
unique privilege to enjoy
multiple benefits on one
account, adding that the
draws have produced 6,600
winners with a cumulative
cash reward of over N5
” The DiamondXtra Season
10 monthly and quarterly
draws are meant to reward
our customers and give
them the financial power
to contribute meaningfully
to the growth of Nigeria’s
economy. The draws
scheduled for this season
reaffirms Diamond Bank’s
commitment to financially
empower more Nigerians by
spreading the draws across
the six geopolitical zones
throughout the four business
quarters of the year,”Afe
Other unique benefits that
DiamondXtra customers
enjoy, include earning
competitive monthly interest
on savings, lodgment of
cheques and dividend
warrants from other banks
into the account for value,
access to quality healthcare
for just N6,000.00 annually,
Internet and telephone
transactions and several
other banking transactions on
the Bank’s ATMs and other
electronic channels. source:
persecond news

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