Master of the game

I woke up with a nagging headache. The kind that makes all noise irritating and all sounds annoying. It seems the party had moved to the house, but it wasn’t music, it was a movie… it was at this moment that I remembered that I was sleeping in the living room and not my room.

A few seconds later, I remembered that I had left a nude Bankole on my bed. Hmmm… the sight of him, I almost smiled.

As I got up, I felt dizzy and had to wait a couple of minutes to steady myself. I saw three pairs of eyes looking at me as if I just fell from the moon. But they soon lost interest in me and resumed watching Fast and Furious 7.

I hated them first for not having a hangover and second for watching the movie without me. (Hmmm anyway sha na pirated copy sef) My room was as peaceful as Sunday morning. It was then I remembered today was a Tuesday morning.

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Bankole was also missing and my bed was made. As I returned to the living room, I felt the volume of the TV was too loud but I wasn’t about to mention it, I walked past the girls and into the kitchen. I felt hungry but I needed a cup of coffee first, so, I filled the kettle with water and was about to put it on when Ann’s voice screamed, “Black left you some tablets on the dining table, and said it should be taken with plenty water, not coffee.”

I rolled my eyes and switched on the kettle.

Why did she call him Black and why weren’t they at work?

Just then, my phone began to ring; I abandoned my quest for coffee and headed towards the ringing phone. I found it in my room on my bedside table. I hoped it was Banky.

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Alas, it was Chuka. Once again, my hangover presented the perfect opportunity to sound ill.  I hung up feeling really bad because it seemed like he felt genuinely sorry for me… (Oh well hangover is also an illness, so I wasn’t lying technically).

I walked out of the room and sat on one of the dining chairs. I picked the two very tiny tablets, which were on a note addressed to me. I picked the tablets and swallowed without water then took a disposable cup on top of the dispenser and helped myself to four cups of water. That should do it. Then I read the note, “Hope you had a night’s rest”.

As if in response, my head began to ache much more.  Wow, he won’t be winning an award for mister romantic any time soon. I can’t say what I expected from him but all I knew was that I was quite disappointed. Perhaps it was because he didn’t say anything about wanting to see me today, tomorrow or the next day.

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I got up and went back to my room feeling abandoned by my friends, Bankokle and the whole world. I tried calling him at intervals but the network kept saying his number was switched off.

After about fifteen minutes of lying down in solitude and feeling sorry for myself, Ann walked in and said, “my persin how are you feeling?”

Oh o, Ann needed a favour and it was major because that is the only time she calls anyone ‘her persin’.

“Anyway Black said to tell you he was travelling to Cyprus and won’t be back for a month.”

Ah, there is yet hope. I began to feel better. In fact, I was in a giving mood, so I smiled at Ann and asked in an amused voice, “What can I do for you.”