What a day!

“Hey sexy,” were the first words I heard as I picked up the phone. I couldn’t be sure, but I could swear it was it was Banky.

It was Monday and I was hurriedly dressing while answering the call. I was 30 minutes behind schedule, which meant I was going to be late. Chuka may just be a tad bit sympathetic with me considering I took the whole of the previous week to recover from all the illnesses that ailed me.

Considering that I had spent the weekend with Uja I began to feel guilty. I felt as if I had cheated on Banky with Uja and he and I weren’t even dating.

“Banky, are you back?”

“Yes, I got back yesterday… for some reason I got bored with the vacation and decided to return home. So, what are you doing today after work?”

Ehem… em… After work? I began to stutter because Uja and I had a date and though our age difference is a decade plus five, he made me feel at ease… (or was it because he had access to class and glam. Well who cares as long as I was having fun at someone’s expense, all is well with the world. Besides, he hadn’t asked for the big “S” so it was fine.

“Perhaps tomorrow,” I said it like a question, “I have something I have to do today.”

“And it can’t wait?”

“No it can’t.”

So I will pick you up from work at three o’clock.

Make it 3: 15pm, just in case Grace does not come in early for her shift.

That was settled as I got into a taxi and prayed to get to work before 8:30 am. The time was 7:30 am and to make it to work at 8: 30 it meant a miracle had to happen.

A miracle didn’t happen. I got to work at 9:30. I was one hour late. Chuka looked like thunder and I had the mind to dodge him when he called me into his office. Grace was around which was odd, but I hurriedly followed Chucka into his office.

He sat down on his seat across the table and smiled. I was relieved because it could only mean he had forgiven my tardiness this morning.

“Hope you are feeling better,” he said looking me straight in the eyes still smiling.

I smiled back and replied, “Ah, yes I am. Thanks so much for giving me the week off.”

“No problem.” He tossed an envelope to me last month’s salary. Of course it is minus one-week salary, seeing as you spent last week vacationing while claiming you were sick.

A confused look crossed my face. I had the gall to be angry because of course he had no proof that I wasn’t ill last week, so he owed me.

I was wrong. He had been tracking my movements through facebook location. Damn the bloody thing, it had just cost me my job! But it taught me a valuable lesson, never forget the 11th commandment: thou shall not get caught!