The induction

The first person I called to inform of my plight was Ann. She was sympathetic although not completely. She had been telling me to quit because I was better than being a sales girl.

But conventional wisdom says if I quit, I will go hungry and friends would soon begin to boycott my calls. Ann’s wisdom is that sometimes a bird in hand would hold you back from getting the two in the bush.

Now that I was jobless, I was anxious about getting another one because I need it and fast.

Ann told me she had a brilliant idea that would get me another job and would be home for break to help me set the ball rolling. I became apprehensive. Hmmm, Ann’s plans are Herculean, but I must admit, effective most times.

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I was watching TV in the living room when she got in at about 1:00pm. She sat down and said, “You aren’t going to like this plan, at all.”  She was looking at me as if I were a fish in a pond which she was sure would escape if she looked away.

“Okay… so what is it?”

“You are going to have to play damsel in distress o… Uja can help you get a job at a government agency or parastatal, he has helped a lot of people….” she said it in a tone that said she knew what she was talking about.

“Okay …so what do I have to give to get the job because I am guessing it ain’t free or cheap?”

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“You will call him now sounding as I your world has ended, also chip it in that you lost your job because of him, but not in a way that says you blame him o.”

I rolled my eyes, which she ignored and headed for kill. “Plus you’d have to lose your goody-two-shoes attitude.”

“The reality sweet heart is you give a little to get a little.”

As I widened my eyes about to protest, she ignored me once again and went on, “These young guys are great for the long run, but right now, today, young guys are only thinking of themselves, trust me a guy like Black will save his favours for his own rainy days and not on you.

“Perhaps if you were his wife he would help you with a good job. But news flash sweetie, you are not so… However, Uja on the other hand will be willing to cash in on his favours or you because he is not on the hustle.

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“So you have to decide what you want to do. Are you going to be too timid to sacrifice for what you want or are you going to make that call?”

Hmmm, chai! I felt lost and just kept staring at my fingers, which were on my lap… what to do, what to do, what to do?!

She picked up my phone from a side stool and handed it to me. “Make the call dear.”

I collected the phone from her and sighed.