He picked on the third ring. I began to stutter and Ann grabbed the phone from me while rolling her eyes. She stood up and began to pace back and forth as she spoke.

“Bros, it is Ann. How have you been? … Ah, really?! Hahaha…” came her throaty laughter, making me wonder what she was laughing at and how this could all go terribly wrong.

I had butterflies in my tummy and wanted the world to end, although I doubted I would be one of those making it through the pearly gate, but at least I wouldn’t become a scam artist.

“… She called me sobbing hysterically I had to leave work and rush home… she lost her job today… I do not think she would be audible right now, perhaps later in the evening once she has calmed down we can come over to your hotel room.”

Hysterically… hmm, anyone that knew me would see right through this lie.

Just then, Susie walked in and for some reason Ann was in a hurry to get off the phone. I sensed that it was because she did not want Susie to know what we were up to or should I say what she was up to considering that I have simply been a spectator.

She stopped pacing, backed Susie and rounded up.

“Okay, see you at 7:00pm then.”

As soon as Ann dropped the call, she turned round to face Susie. “Susie Q, back so early?”

“Yep, I need to get some sleep, hoping to go out later. Hope all is well?”

She asked the question while her shiny eyes roamed back and forth from Ann to me. I allowed Ann take the lead since this was her game.

She said, “yeah, sure. Madam here just lost her job. I just called Bimbo to see if she had anything available.” Bimbo is Ann’s cousin who works for an NGO. Occasionally they have contract jobs, which could last from six months to a year.

At this point, I decided Ann should do all the talking. I had to brace myself up for all the lies I would have to tell to cover all the ones she had just told.

I quietly stood up and walked to my room to make the most of being out of a job. All I needed was sleep and sleep I shall. Gladly they both left me in my seeming misery, but for some reason not having a job made me feel a lot lighter than I had in years.


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