Where Is The Love?

Ah! Suzie’s bad mouth has caught up with me. Like a prophet of doom, her prediction has come true. As I type, we are flying back to the capital city. Why? I am as clueless as a bat…I am flying blind. Today is the 27th of the month; we spent less than 48 hours at the beach resort…. Ha! And we were meant to spend a lazy week wining, dining, dancing and stupid things that lovers do. Each time I asked Chucks why we had to hurry back he just said “I will explain later” as if that in itself was an explanation.

As pay back, I plugged my earphones in my ears the whole 45 minutes of the flight and pretended I couldn’t hear him the two times he tried talking to me. Even the fear of perennial plane crashes did not scare me out of malice.

I had wanted to form efizzy and ditch him at the airport but even my pride knows when to quit… the N8, 000 I would have to pay to get to my destination instilled the fear of God in me. So when we got to the airport in Abuja, I asked “Are you dropping me at home?” His reply infuriated me. “Sorry my minds not here, we can go into town and get you a cab there.”

Instinctively Taylor Swift’s song, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’, began to play in my head.