I Hate To Say I Told You So, But I Told You!

As I sat listening to Ann and Suzie practise their pedestrian psychology on me, I cursed Chucks, he hadn’t even called me to find out if I had arrived safely, it has been 5 hours since I got home. Not a text, not a ping, not a thing! Each time my phone beeped, I hope silently that it was him …though I was ready to do shakara and act like I didn’t give a hoot if he dropped dead. Each time my hope raised it was dashed.

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I came back to life as Ann was clapping her hands to her horrid rendition of a particular line (hate to say I told you so/ but I told you) from the Winans Phase II song, ‘I Am A Winans Too’ while dancing Azonto.

At this point, I busted out laughing because she looked like a scarecrow. “Oya e don do, you guys were right… I was in a fast car headed for destruction. Then I proceeded to narrate to them how I got home. I was still in shakara mode when Chucks dropped me at the popular ‘Berger’ at Wuse.

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I declined when he brought out a wad of cash saying “for you cab fare.” “Don’t bother” shot out of my mouth before I could even think…. Ann didn’t let that one go… she interjected a sharp “mumu” with the roll of her eyes. I ignored her and continued. “As I stood at the bus stop waiting I remembered that there had been fuel scarcity before we left town.”

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At that the girls laughed heartily, I had goofed, big time! “The sun was blazing hot and on top of that I had to push and shove to get a seat on the bus.” Hmmm …  I had just shot myself in the foot and it hurt!