Try, Try, Try…

I am listening to Pink’s ‘Try’. It is on repeat. As I dance and sing heartily Ann watches me the way a lioness watches a predator approach her young. Chucks is back and I am full of endorphin. “Bad idea” was all Suzie managed to say before leaving for a night of partying.

I was in a mood to try it out with Chucks again and nothing my friends say could change that. I hear my phone ring and make a dash for it; a smile spreads across my face as I see on the caller ID that it is Chucks. I pick the call and walk to the window, where the streetlight was shining through.

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As is stare at nothing in particular, Chucks and I make conversation, all the while Ann was shooting daggers at me, then I asked the million dollar question, “sweets what happened the other day” his response to my enquiry was “what day?” I began to get infuriated.

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Why the silly mind games, he knew pretty well which day and even the issue but he had to be ‘such a man’ about it. “Chucks don’t play dumb with me… you know what I am talking about.” If I thought his earlier reply was bad, his next one drove me off the edge: “You are a complete stranger I can’t tell you things like this.” “Ehen Chucks?!!” was all I could mutter as the days at Whispering Palms flashed before my eyes and I ended the call.

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In the background was a thunderous roar of laughter from Ann followed by her rendition of the chorus of Tupac’s ‘Changes’. I completely ignored her and walked past to my room to sulk and delete ‘Try’ from the song list on my computer.