Paying For His Mistakes

Bankole Daniels is waiting for me outside he has been there for close to an hour. The sun is burning and though the AC in his BMW X6 is on, he has to wait while I gist with the girls, touch and retouch my make-up, I have learnt from my mistakes. Nothing good comes easy so let him sweat it.

This is date 15 and we have known each other for three months but the gates to the castle have been shut to this prince ‘harming’.

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I hate to be him right now because my attire leaves little to the imagination but homeboy ain’t gonna get nothing.

Suzie, Ann and Aisha whistled, cooed and called me wicked for teasing him.

Suzie the loud mouth goes as far as saying, “he will rape you one day, you can’t keep pushing him to the edge.” She says this referring to the day I leaned towards him as if to kiss him but pulled back just as he was about to seal the deal.

Then as if hot coals were suddenly poured on the car seat, I jumped up, opened the car door and headed to my house smiling, but he only saw my back.

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Bankole tells me he has something important to tell me but he can’t make it to my part of town, “huh?!” was my retort, which he ignored. “I have told Dayo to come pick you up… (referring to his PA) he’ll be there in an hour… be in time.”

I wanted to ask him who the hell he thought he was talking to, but I held my tongue for two reasons. One, Ann told me I was selfish and did not know a good thing, perhaps she was an expert because she has three steady relationships, yes three and steady.

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Second and most importantly, I had only heard Banky speak in this way while transacting business, that is, something in our balance had tipped in his favour. He now had the upper hand and I didn’t know why. I am stubborn, not stupid, so I hold my tongue and boil in silence.