Poker Face

So now, I am seated at Banky’s house, stewing obviously. But he is not there to infuse my wrath, which is even more maddening. It is my first time here. I take in the decor… business must be good. I mean really good. The tasteful furnishing is done in rich brown and black against cream walls.
Once it was an hour, I got up and headed for the door. I mean yes the AC feels good and so does the freshly squeezed orange served by a chef or cook, but a girl’s got pride! No one treats The Princessa in a condescending fashion.
As I waltz to the door I imagined him upstairs viewing me through security monitors, (it is not beyond these rich people) I had seen at least a camera in the living room.
God dey, was all I could think, he had exerted his revenge. Nicely played. Hmmm …thank God for the wisdom of ‘vex moni’, at least I could get home.
As I got to the gate, the guard said, “oga say make I no allow you commot.” By this time, I was scathing and could have copped off the rascals head when I heard hurrying footsteps behind me.
As I turned, Dayo, who with a slight bow and hands behind his back said, “The boss will see you now,” accosted me. What kind of sick game were they playing? Bankole may be his boss but certainly not mine!
Without waiting for an answer, he hurried towards the house. As I was about to call after him, when I saw Bankole, looking like Zeus daring me, a mere mortal, to challenge his order, as I said, I am stubborn not stupid… I had no choice (or did I?) but to walk towards the house, past him and into the living room.
Bankole followed behind me. As I stood ready to turn and begin to vent, he raised both hands as if in surrender, said, “We can do this after dinner,” and walked past me. Drama! Kai him don see me finish!
All this while I had kept quiet, it was so unlike me. But an eerie feeling made me shush. I was angry, but terrified, however my game face was on. It was like playing poker and although I did not know jack about the game, I intended to win.

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