Why do fools fall in love?

For some reason the anticipation of reuniting with Kayode always made me giddy with excitement. I couldn’t wait to feel his touch on my skin, his breath on my face and his kiss on my lips…. hmmm it’s been too long since i had ‘good loving’. There was something about the way Kayode and I made love that always made me sigh with satisfaction.

I once made the mistake of saying this to Suzie, her reply is something i will never forget, “it is all in your head Christie. I think you love him too much and it is bad business for us girls. Keep thinking this way and you would only be his public toilet on his very long journey to finding Miss Perfect.”

After she said this, I didn’t speak to her for a month. What is hard to admit, at least to her or anyone else is, she may be right. But I really don’t care. I will enjoy every moment I could afford to spend with ‘the one true love of my life’.

“Sister we don reach,” the damn cab guy woke me from my reverie. I paid him and dashed into a hotel in what looked more like one of those houses owned by the rich people. But I kept wondering, ‘why Jabi? He always lodged at a hotel in Asokoro when he came into town.’

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As I got to the reception, an extremely fair-skinned with bright red lips waved me over as I attempted to walk past, after all Kayode had given me his room number so I didn’t feel I needed to go through any protocol. Just as I got to her, the phone rang and she picked it up. I waited patiently, although what I really wanted to do was reach across the counter, grab the phone from her hand and get her undivided attention.

I kept my crazy under my weave until she was done. “I am here to see the guest in room 303,” I said with a bit of attitude.

She smiled her airhostess smile, looked at her computer or something, raised her head and said, “Mr. Olarewaju said you should meet him at the restaurant.” She proceeded to describe the way to the restaurant.

Barely listening to her, I began to think to myself, ‘ha Kay has changed o… he is even going to buy me lunch before our tryst… nice. He never used to be sensitive to my needs or showed he cared in the remotest way. So perhaps he now realises no woman would love him as much as I do… hmmm. Finally, I laugh the last laugh.

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As I walked towards the glass door of the restaurant, the motion sensitive doors slide open, from where I was standing I could see Kay at the table, but I became upset when I saw company at the table, a woman. Ha, this was supposed to be Kay and me time, no intrusion.

I thought to myself… he must have a good explanation. And indeed he did.

As I rushed over to him to hug him, there was something stiff about it. (Hmmm, okay she isn’t a business associate) I sat down and went through the motion of asking about his family and our mutual friends.

As I began to caress his feet under the table… he decided to drop the bomb. “Christie meet my fiancée, Sarah. Sarah, this is my friend Christie, you know the one I told you helped to pick your luggage from the airport three months ago, around the time I came over to propose.

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The added info was so I would no slip and let Little Miss Perfect know he had been unfaithful, before and during their engagement.

Friend keh! And he made me pay a cab driver N1500, to come here only to humiliate myself! Kayode had seen me finish. He didn’t have the courtesy to tell me before hand that he was getting married and coming with his wife to be? Kayode used me to do dandoko for her… insult! So he was sleeping with me while engaged to her… well who am I kidding he was never the faithful type.

I simply got up, smiled at Sarah and said, “It was nice to meet you. Congratulations on the wedding.” After the last word left my lips, I picked up my purse from the table and walked out of the restaurant, out of the hotel and hopefully out of Kayode’s web.

I was happy that Kayode would have to explain my erratic behaviour to ‘his precious’, good luck with that. If she were sharp, she would smell a rat.

Hmmm, now I know why fools fall in love… it is simple… because they are foolish.